Do you know who stands behind the slogans "I'm lovin 'it" or "Just do it"? Do you admire their catchiness and simplicity at the same time? A good catchphrase can contribute to the huge success of the brand, product or any idea. And behind these successes are, among others, copywriters. Their work contrary to appearances is not just about falling into brilliant ideas once in a while. So what does a copywriter do? Here’s the answer...

A lawyer is a profession that associates with prestige, high salary, social recognition and a great career. However, this is not a complete picture of what this world really looks like. In order to perform this profession, you need many years of studying, proper preparation and appropriate predispositions.

When you tell your friends that you spend all day on Facebook or Instagram while earning money, that means you're a Social Media Specialist. Do not think, however, that professional duties will be limited only to posting "fives, kitties and other thingies" - this is not enough! A gallon of knowledge in marketing, about a dozen drops of social psychology and a handful of creativity and analytical sense is the absolute basis to make the first steps in this area.

Would you say that your biggest passion is learning foreign languages? Getting to know professional terminology is a pleasure and an interesting challenge for you? Spending several hours over the translation of documents is something you can’t wait for? In that case, a translator's career will be a great decision!

Programmers, also known as developers, are really outstanding individuals who can transform into the programming language even the most bizarre ideas of clients and accounts. Is it worth entering the world of PHP, Java, Ruby, C # and Python?