Europe | Sweden

Studying and living in Sweden

Free courses, educational programs adapted to the current requirements of the labour market, high standard of living, modern infrastructure and large after graduation employment opportunities – this is how the advantages of studying in Sweden can be briefly presented. Disadvantages? Studies are demanding, and the cost of living can cause a headache. The Study and…

Europe | Spain

Studying and living in Spain

Who would not like to study in sunny Spain? Beautiful weather, great educational offer, excellent infrastructure, modern universities, bustling cities and thousands of students from around the world – Is there anything more you could want? Universities and the Higher Education System in Spain Currently, there are 79 universities in Spain – 50 states and…

Europe | Poland

Studying and living in Poland

Poland is getting increased popularity every year. Why? Beautiful landscapes and architecture, welcoming people, a fantastic culture and a quality education above it all.  Studying in Poland – necessary information Poland participates in the Bologna Process, and therefore, the organization of studying looks like as follows: First cycle studies – professional courses that prepare you…

Europe | Ireland

Studying and living in Ireland

Studying in Ireland is a great idea for anyone who appreciates a high level of education, modern infrastructure, appreciating one’s independence and critical thinking skills by lecturers and excellent beer. Ireland is also famous for its captivating landscapes, which you will have numerous occasions to admire during various trips. Studying Organisation System and Universities in…

Europe | France

Studying and living in France

Is the French Republic the right place to study? If you take into account that over 285,000 people from different countries study there, the answer can only be affirmative. Students from Poland also come near the Seine. Do you want to join them? Universities and Study Organization in France If you value the diversity of…

Europe | Finland

Studying and living in Finland

Renowned universities, excellent infrastructure, and broad perspectives for starting work after graduation, and above all – it’s all free. These are the arguments that make it worthwhile to go to Finland to study. The system of education and higher education in Finland In Finland, there are 27 technical university colleges (Ammattikorkeakoulu/Yrkeshögskola) and16 universities ( Yliopisto/Universitet)….

Austria | Europe

Studying and living in Austria

Beautiful landscapes, a multitude of monuments and charming mountain towns – these are the most significant advantages of Austria. When we add to these renowned universities from the world top of all ranks, a wide range of faculties and modern infrastructure, we will get a full picture of studying in Austria. A tradition of generations,…

Europe | United Kingdom

God Save the Queen – Studying in the United Kingdom

Everyone mentions British universities h in the world’s top prestigious ranks for many years. Oxford or Cambridge universities are probably known to everyone, aren’t they? The UK, however, can boast of a much larger number of perfectly organized universities, which each year attract thousands of candidates from around the world. If you also dream about…

Europe | Italy

Studying and living in Italy

Italian universities have been the destination of thousands of students from around the world for several hundred years. High quality of education, the prestige of universities, modern infrastructure, excellent cuisine, and sunny weather – these are the primary arguments for the fact that studying in Italy is the right decision! Organization of universities in Italy…