Computer science and programming have gone through the mind of many students or "adults" who are in doubt about their future. Assurance of a good salary and no need for higher education cause a lot of guesses and laymen gathered around IT, who would like to try getting into this environment, but are still without the knowledge of how, what, where and, most importantly, if.

But don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people who have known from their teenage years that it is programming that they want to do, they have deepened their knowledge with determination and now they are satisfied and well-earning "IT specialists". However, over the last few years programming has become a profession, which can be learned by everyone, no school or course required, and what if music is our passion if we can’t make our living thanks to it, right?


Let's start with the basic information: programming is not for everyone. Just like not everyone will be able to learn a foreign language in an adult life, not everyone will understand the problem and level of complexity with which the developer will have to face.

In the video, I'm talking a bit about statistics about the profession of programmer and here I will put more detailed information on this subject, in several parts. In this one, let's focus on the general, i.e. what to think about, how to start, what materials would be the best to get information from and how to get to know someone who would be willing to help.


Why do you want to start programming?

If the only answer that appeared on your mind is money, give up on that. IT, regardless of a specific field, is a tiring mental job, for which you need an analytical and logical approach, but also sometimes an abstract thinking. Work without passion, not only in IT, torments twice and the money earned on it will not always improve your well-being. Anyway, let's not forget that nobody will suggest the salaries I'm talking about in the video right away. For that moment, you have to and prove that your knowledge is not just a piece of the iceberg that all coding languages ​​are.

What is your personality like?

If the defeats demotivate you, you can not say "yes, I have made a mistake and now I have to do everything I can to fix it", run away from the idea of being a developer. The jokes about the eternally frustrated programmers, tapping furiously at their keyboards, are not a stereotype that appeared out of nowhere. Once done, things often have to be constantly fixed, and not everyone has such an angelic patience to get out of work with a smile after such day.



What are your goals...

and will programming help you achieve them?

Fatigue related to current work, willingness to change or understand how something that simply arouses your interest arises and works. IT opens up opportunities to many possibilities and answers the questions that many people ask. "I dream of creating my own app" or "I run an online store and would like to control and change the website myself" are good and frequent examples. Schedule your long-term goals to realise what you really want in life. Answer questions such as: what kind of job makes me the most satisfied, what kind of day makes me feel good about myself, how do I want my day at work to be like and what do I need in my job?

It is normal that with learning about technology, more issues will appear on your way, then you will notice how extensive the IT environment is and how many paths you can actually go. Then you’ll know that the choice of language will be the last of your worries. :)

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There are few fields related to programming:

  • front-end development,
  • back-end development,
  • testing (QA)
  • mobile applications: iOS and Android,
  • big data.

You have to decide for yourself what makes you feel best. Talk to people already working in these fields, years of experience will certainly allow them to express themselves not only about the area in which they work, but also cast objective light on others.


Where can you meet programmers?

In most cities, people organise meetups, during which  you can listen to the story of experienced people and let them motivate you by talking to them, just take a second to find some on Facebook. While browsing it, join some programming groups, where everyone will be happy to help and share their knowledge. I assure you there are many beginners / questioners and everyone will find the answer to a problematic question.

Thinking about a way to start learning, Youtube is always the answer. Write down the languages ​​I speak about in the video and check the tutorials and introductory descriptions, which technology gives the impression of the most interesting and if its assumptions seem understandable to you. After answering the questions from this text and bigde watching tutorial videos, you will have a basic idea of ​​what you want to deal with and whether you are ready to devote your time and patience to explore knowledge in this famous and mysterious area, which IT actually is.