£58,000 per year in United Kingdom, $91,000 in the United States, €52,000 in Germany. These are the salaries that can be expected by specialists in this new and rapidly growing field. According to IBM, the demand for data scientists will grow by 28 percent over the next two years.


IBM is huge. Formerly, the computer manufacturer, today an IT solution provider, says that by 2020, annually there will be approximately 700,000 new job offers for analysts, programmers and data engineers.

- Corporations are currently undergoing a real war for data researchers - says Alexander Friedman from the Swiss investment consultancy GAM in the Financial Times. - Many companies in our industry establish close cooperation with universities to help in finding the most talented people.


Workplaces for Big Data experts are waiting

Big Data Analytics manager, business intelligence consultant, financial market analyst or business consultant - these are only examples of occupation being in a high demand around the world.

- We have received bailouts from the European Union for the establishment of this study program in the field of finance and accounting. All classes will be conducted in English, which will 


significantly increase the attractiveness of graduates in the global labor market - says prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz, creator of the starting Big Data program in Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw, Poland.


Who is the data researcher?

Figuratively, such a person can be described as a modern "Renaissance man". They should combine knowledge from several fields: economy, statistics, mathematics, behaviorism, business and IT. Data Scientist analyses large data sets to extract information useful for marketing, financial or business analysis. Keep in mind though, that a data researcher can not only scan, segregate and profile Big Data but also process file using a code.