Tourist guides are known to all of us, but the problem is that not everyone likes them, since many people still connect their profession with a boring monologue during school trips that happened long time ago. These times, however, have already passed, and the work of tourist guides has radically changed. What do they do, what do they need to know and how much do they earn from it? We’ve checked it…

Who is a tourist guide and what do they do?

The following specialties can be distinguished in the profession of a tourist guide:

  • a city guide that guides tourists through a given city
  • field guide that guides tourists around a given region or province - including the most important cities,
  • mountain guide showing tourists through mountain trails,
  • a museum guide that guides tourists through museum facilities.

Therefore, everyone will find a specialization in this profession adapted to individual predispositions. Unfortunately, regardless of the choice made, it is imperative to have a thorough knowledge of the attractions on which tourist groups are guided. Appropriate physical condition, sense of humor and easiness in establishing interpersonal contacts are very highly valued in this profession. It is difficult to withstand a few-hour hike in the mountains with a guide who has an expression of a serial killer, right?

The basic task of a tourist guide (regardless of the specialization) is, of course, detailed planning of the route in such a way as to include as many attractions as possible. At this point, however, there is a problem, because the tour program must be strictly adapted to the requirements and expectations of a group of tourists - some includes older people, other - school groups and some are company trips. The task of a tourist guide is to meet precisely these needs and expectations. Truly a simple job, right?

In addition, during the trip the guide's tasks also include caring for the safety of all participants. The first aid course, resistance to stress and quick making of difficult decisions will certainly be useful in this profession.

How to become a tourist guide?

If you want to become a field or city guide, you must be at least 18 years of age and have, at least, secondary education. Most of the guides, however, have completed first or second degree studies in the fields related to history, philology or philosophy. Knowledge gained during studies often helps them in their daily work.

Guides on foreign trips must also demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language at a minimum level of B2, but it all depends on the place you go.

How much does a tourist guide earn?

It is difficult to estimate the payrolls in this profession, because they are very diverse and depend on many factors, such as specialization, the number of tourists served, the region in which the activity is carried out, etc. Salaries in United Stated start at 9$ per hour but the average is 12$. Of course, if you’re an international tourist guide you can expect way higher income.