A lawyer is a profession that associates with prestige, high salary, social recognition and a great career. However, this is not a complete picture of what this world really looks like. In order to perform this profession, you need many years of studying, proper preparation and appropriate predispositions.

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who is scientifically or professionally involved in the law, knows regulations and is aware of how to apply them in practice. In the past, it was possible to become a lawyer after graduating from humanities, however today, in order to be able to perform this profession, one should complete studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration, and then complete an internship in a specific specialization. There’s plenty of possibilities of professions for graduates, the most popular are: a judge, prosecutor, attorney, legal counsel, notary public or bailiff.

Features of an ideal lawyer

The ideal candidate for a lawyer is a responsible person who keeps their feet firmly on the ground, endowed with an excellent memory, who likes to work hard. A lawyer must be able to find himself in a thicket of regulations, which is why each of the mentioned features is equally important. A person who performs one of the legal professions should also show insight and patience. A professional lawyer is expected to investigate the matter entrusted to him in-depth. It is a tedious and time-consuming task.

Where to study law?

You can not become a lawyer after any school. In order to legally perform one of these professions, you must graduate from a five-year law school at a university, and then do a internship, the length of which depends on the legal profession we have chosen. Of course, you can also take the advantage of the wide range of private colleges educating future lawyers.

Law studying is typical learning by heart - memorising legal acts is a norm here, because every lawyer must know them perfectly. The dominant subjects are, for example, the introduction to jurisprudence, theory and philosophy of law, civil law, criminal law, administrative law, etc. A lot of emphasis is also put on foreign language classes. Admission to studies is determined by the result of the final exams in high school, in subjects specified by the university. Most often, the history, the native language subject and the foreign language are scored. It is worth mentioning that the law belongs to the most difficult fields of study, therefore the decision to start it should be well considered.

Where does the lawyer work?

The place of work depends on the field of law in which we specialise. Lawyers can work, for example, in law offices or notary offices or in a court. A lot of companies use legal advice, which is why they are also good jobs for lawyers. Law graduates can also work at the university or set up their own business associated with a specific specialisation. The best ones can seek for an employment abroad. However, the law is not universal and the regulations in one country can radically differ from the others, so lawyers who think about going abroad have to take into account additional courses and training.

Salary of lawyers

The lawyer's earnings depend on the place of work, the field they deal with, their position and reputation. Nevertheless, a significant number of lawyers earn a lot of money.

According to The National Association for Law Placement’s survey, a lawyer can expect an annual salary of $160 000 on average.