Would you say that your biggest passion is learning foreign languages? Getting to know professional terminology is a pleasure and an interesting challenge for you? Spending several hours over the translation of documents is something you can’t wait for? In that case, a translator's career will be a great decision!

How to become a translator?

The educational path of the future translator begins very early - usually even in primary school. Then we usually choose a language that we want to try to perfect for the rest of our lives. Therefore, the natural choice for major at university is philology, which will allow us to thoroughly learn the language, culture, literature and history of the region. During the 1st or 2nd degree studies, we will acquire cross-cutting knowledge that will allow us to work effectively in the profession of translator.

Specialist translating skills can also be developed at postgraduate studies, for example in the field of business translations.

One of the exceptions in the industry are sworn translators who are required to pass a special exam and submit a certificate of no criminal record.

What does the translator's daily work look like?

Your daily duties are strictly dependent on your chosen specialization. Usually, you will be responsible for translating documents written in language X into language Y. Regularity also includes specialized translations, such as the content of websites or technical documentation - for which, of course, you need to know specialist terminology.

The translator's job is rather calm and you shouldn’t complain too much about stress. This does not mean, however, that you ought to expect peace and quiet! Think about deadlines and the situations where the translations should be ready for yesterday. Then it starts to get  quite hectic…

The most important feature of the translator? Concentration and being open minded.

There are as many specialist translations as there are fields in which their work is used. Here are some examples:

Sworn Translator;

Simultaneous interpreter;

Court interpreter;

Economic translator;

Military translator;

Literary translator;


Consecutive interpreting.

How much does a translator earn?

The median annual earnings in the translation industry in United States is approximately 46 thousand dollars. However this data may vary depending on many factors- specialisation, knowledge of a specific language and obviously, how much our customer is willing to pay.