When you tell your friends that you spend all day on Facebook or Instagram while earning money, that means you're a Social Media Specialist. Do not think, however, that professional duties will be limited only to posting "fives, kitties and other thingies" - this is not enough! A gallon of knowledge in marketing, about a dozen drops of social psychology and a handful of creativity and analytical sense is the absolute basis to make the first steps in this area.

The inteactive industry is not complaining about the lack of creativity. It is therefore not surprising that the Social Media specialist has made up a dozen or so different terms: Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, Social Media Animator, PR and Social Media Manager, facebook specialist, Facebook fighter, social media guru, etc. Names seem to be different, but everything comes down to one issue, that is, "dealing with social media". Little, but rarely anyone can deal with it. If you think you can do it, then read on …

Education, or how to become a Social Media specialist?adult 2449725 640

Currently, Polish universities unfortunately do not offer specialist first or second degree studies in the field of social media. However, this is not a problem, as employers do not require them. "Directional" education in the field of sociology or marketing is welcome, but completing the philological major will also be a good solution.

Careers in the online world depend on specific skills, i.e. dealing with graphic programs and support for analytical applications, IT knowledge that will be useful when designing applications on FB, and creativity, logical thinking and focus on results.

Would you like to professionally deal with social media in the future? You must know, therefore, that this is an extremely demanding job, the specificity of which is subject to constant change. New information, new tools and a new approach to users ...

Everyday basis is...

It is difficult to clearly define the scope of duties of the Social Media Specialist. Each company sets it up by itself, often adding elements from other professions, such as internet marketing or e-PR. However, you can be prepared to be responsible for the comprehensive development and subsequent implementation of communication strategies in social media. You will have to thoroughly analyze the industry in which the company operates, get to know its potential customers, their needs and presence in social media - do not count on the fact that you can find all in one service. Each channel is a different style and needs of recipients, so you really have a lot of work to do. To put it briefly: you will not get bored at work.

Cash – how much does a Social Media Specialist earn?

Earnings of Social Media specialists differ from on another in quite a significant way. If you are just starting out and your skills are not yet impressive, you can count on about PLN 2,000 a month. With the increase in your competencies, however, you can expect more - the best earn even up to PLN 8,000 a month.