"How much will the design of this website cost? 500 PLN? Why so much? My sister studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and did stranger things for free." If you want to become a computer graphic designer, then apart from solid technical knowledge and infinite loads of creativity, you should still show the patience of a saint and self-control.

color patterns 2370497 640Let's start with absolute basics, okay? Computer graphic designer (also known as a graphic designer or designer) is a person who deals with designing ... graphics! Yes, the graphic designer deals with graphics and no matter how intensively we think, it would not be possible to come up with a new scope of responsibilities. However, the type of projects is strictly dependent on the specialty and the industry in which it operates. Example: in large interactive and advertising agencies, they do basically everything: from business card designs, through websites, to large format posters. Sometimes they even have to water the flowers in the office or paint the living room in the new boss's apartment. However, these are additional tasks that are not officially listed in terms of duties ... :-)

How to become a graphic designer?

The simplest way passes through the academic building, where you can study many artistic majors related to graphics or decide on the IT major with the specialty "computer graphics and multimedia. This will allow you to acquire a solid theoretical basis and a few useful technical skills.

The most important thing will come with time - professional experience and filled portfolio, without which it is rather difficult to get a job in a prestigious advertising / interactive agency. Let's be honest: Your diploma is of secondary importance in this business - completed projects, the ability to use specific computer programs, creativity and ingenuity count.

A perfect Graphic Designer?

Although ideals are unlikely to be found in today's world, it is worth emphasizing that the technical competences, creativity and rich portfolio are not everything. The work of computer graphics is based on close cooperation with the client, who may be lacking either the taste, the budget or the idea for the implementation of a given project. The "patience of a saint" mentioned in the introduction is, therefore, not an unnecessary addition, just an inherent feature of every graphic artist.

The most popular graphics programs include:ideation 3267505 640

  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw,
  • Adobe InDesign.
  • GIMP.

A little digression: there are also "graphic designers" who use Paint to create their "projects" ...

Obviously, you can learn the service of professional programs yourself, at home, because there is no shortage of textbooks, multimedia courses and discussion groups on the web. You can also go for a specialized course or training – you will not need to look for the right companies in Poland as there are plenty of that kind, but the prices of such trainings can be very high, so you had better look round for an ESI funds supported training.

How much does a computer graphic earn?

Earnings of individual graphics can be quite different. This is mainly due to the fact that the level of remuneration is closely related to the place of work, business branch, experience and skills. However, it can be assumed that an average computer graphics can count on earnings of PLN 3000 per month.