There are thousands of coaches in Poland, and universities educate successive adepts of the extremely popular profession recently. However, not everyone can become a "personal trainer", but everyone will probably need some of their skills, if not in professional life, then certainly in private life.

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It is a person who helps people discover the best path to the goal and find deposits of untapped potential. To do this, a Coach uses a wide range of training techniques and their substantive knowledge and skills, which he or she gained during the course and then improved during the implementation of many coaching projects.

No, you absolutely cannot associate coach's profession with a sect guru, although the apparent scope of their "duties" may overlap in several points ...

Ok, the end of these jokes, it's time to return to the merits. The character of the coach's work is very diverse - it can concern both professional aspects and completely private aspects, meetings can be carried out individually or in groups. The coach's work is always based on partner relationships and building of mutual trust - this is the real key to success in this profession!
The main task of the coach is to support their client on the way to his or her professional career and its subsequent development through constant expansion of competences. It can, therefore, be concluded that a coach is a combination of an effective career counsellor and social psychologist, because the motivating process plays a key role in this business, without which effective work would simply be impossible.

Now a question to you: what may be an obstacle that prevents you from further professional development or overwhelms you with personal problems? You do not know? The coach's task is to determine the source of your problems and work on their complete elimination. Therefore, functioning as a therapist can be added to the psychologist and advisor roles of a coach.

How to become a Coach?

The answer to the above question can be divided into two aspects:

  • Formal: the choice of the major is a secondary aspect, but it is definitely worth trying to complete a course of COACHING or COACHING AND CONSULTING. Both majors guarantee the acquisition of thorough knowledge and necessary skills. Many coaches also choose to study in fields related to psychology or specialized postgraduate courses offered at Polish universities.
  • Informal: responsibility, focusing on achieving success, caring for the good of the customer, internal motivation, willingness to solve problems and finding their source. If you have such qualities, then you will perfectly find yourself in the coach's profession.

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Most of the key skills you will need to improve in real business conditions, because experience is the most important element of your growing professional career. You can also take advantage of the offer of numerous trainings and courses offered by both universities and independent organizations and companies of the educational branch.

Coach's workplace and earnings.

Do you dream about working full-time? Unfortunately, a coach is employed mainly on civil-law contract - he or she is, therefore, a typical freelancer. Vacancies for coaches are created only in large enterprises, within HR departments, but mainly experienced specialists are being employed there.

The coach's earnings are virtually impossible to determine for two simple reasons:

  • First of all: the nature of work makes the amount of earnings strictly dependent on the number of contracts.
  • Second of all: the number of contracts depends on your experience and reputation on the market.

Average? From a few to even tens of thousands zlotys a month. The amount of your earnings depends only on you!