High earnings, fascinating and extremely responsible job and the opportunity to find out about the furthest corners of the world - these are only a few advantages of working as a pilot of an airplane. Unfortunately, as a passenger plane pilot, you take responsibility for human life and health - many situations will require from you being cool as ice, resistance to stress and self-control. Are you ready for it? Read on...

Nobody will be surprised that a pilot is a highly qualified person who deals with "flying an aircraft". However, we advise you to treat the word "flying" with a pinch of salt, because the pilot's work relies mainly on the reading of the measuring equipment and information provided by the flight controller and the deck officer.

A few dozen years ago, pilots had to rely mainly on observing the surroundings, and the service of particular types of machines did not differ too much from each other. The dynamic development of technology, however, meant that in the twenty-first century pilots are specialized in servicing a specific type, and often even a specific brand of machines. Learning and acquiring the necessary experience requires many years of work, so nobody in the business is surprised that most pilots spend their entire career on one or two types of machines.
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However, the transition of pilots of military machines to civilian airlines is a common phenomenon. The main reason is, obviously, financial issues - earnings of military pilots are definitely lower than the wages offered to civil pilots, regardless of the internship, acquired certificates, etc.

How to acquire necessary education?

Currently, two universities in Poland are involved in the education of future pilots for the needs of civil aviation: Rzeszów University of Technology and the State Higher Vocational School in Chełm. Appropriate education and qualifications can also be obtained at the Military Academy of the Air Force in Dęblin, but its graduates are mainly supplied to the Polish Air Force. Here you will find more detailed information about the major of Aerospace.

Unfortunately, graduation alone is not the same as being conferred to control a passenger plane. For this, the ATPL linear license is necessary. In order to get it one should show appropriate psychological and physical predispositions, qualifications, knowledge of English and ... do not complain about the depth of one's pockets, as financing the relevant courses can be very expensive.

Types of licenses:

  • PPL (Private Pilot License) - basic tourist license, entitling to recreational flying in good weather conditions;
  • CPL (Commercial Pilot License) - professional pilot license, which entitles to pilot an aircraft,
  • ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) - the highest degree of professional pilot in civil aviation, which entitles to control aircraft with a mass above 5.7 tonnes.

An alternative route to a career in the profession of a pilot are courses organized by specialized training centers. Obtaining the highest degree takes about 3 years and is an extremely expensive process.

Workplace and earnings of a pilot

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Graduates holding necessary licenses and key skills find employment as pilots in both domestic and foreign airlines. Additional specialist trainings are already fully financed by employers. Investing in employees in the aviation sector is something completely natural and justified, taking into account the costs and time needed to train a new pilot.

Earnings of pilots employed in domestic airlines oscillate around PLN 7,000. Obtaining additional qualifications, gaining certificates and completing specialist trainings means that the level of earnings will be growing adequately. Being appointed captain carries the possibility of negotiating earnings individually.