Today, the term "IT specialist" is relatively rarely used - it has been replaced with specific specialties that appear in the IT industry, eg programmer, network administrator, webdeveloper, security specialist, etc. Each of them is characterized by a different scope of duties, necessary skills and earnings, but have traditional IT specialists already disappeared from the labour market? Who are they and where are they hiding?

Who is IT Specialist?

The first IT specialists appeared in the territory of ancient Greece ... Ok, I was only joking, but there are some premises that allow us to think that computers were used in ancient times. There is no shortage of evidence ...

However, it is true that the IT industry is developing very dynamically, and the specialists employed in it do not complain about both lack of work and low earnings. Everything, however, has its pros and cons - IT professionals must constantly take care of deepening their knowledge and acquiring a completely new one.

Where in that case ordinary IT specialists have gone? We will meet them in computer services, where they are responsible for the repair of computer equipment, state offices and other institutions, where there is still no need to hire several specialists from various areas of computer science. This, of course, is a great simplification, as IT specialists with various responsibilities can be also met in some private enterprises in virtually every sector of the economy.

Awork 1627703 640nd now a little humorous interlude ...

A computer specialist went fishing.
He caught a goldfish that promised making three wishes come true.
The IT specialist says:
- Let there be peace in the world.
- Too difficult.
- Well, let there be non-glitching Windows.
- Ok, I'll take this peace in the world.


How to become an IT Specialist?

A few years ago, a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical skills were enough to start a career in the IT business. Basically, nothing has changed in this matter, but many employers (especially in the largest companies), more often require higher education from candidates for selected positions.

Completion of the first or second cycle degree in Computer Science or related course is a very good solution for all people who want to get to know IT from the basics and then develop in a specific specialty, eg programming, networks, databases, etc. Depending on the university profile and level a course lasts from 2 to 5 years.

IT Specialist's earnings

They cannot be clearly defined - it all depends on the specialty, position, company size, etc. Variables are so many that even providing threshold wages is unrealistic. However, let us assume that even a computer specialist in the office can earn about PLN 2,500 / 3,000 net monthly, and a programmer with several years of experience can count on earnings of 8,000/10000 PLN net per month.