Do you want to be responsible for shaping the company's personnel policy and strategy? Don't you see any contraindications to the meticulous keeping of personnel and payroll documentation? Recruitment and selection of employees is your element, and developing and managing an incentive system is an interesting challenge for you? You have just found a job for yourself! Read on to find out how to become a great HR Specialist ...

Who is HR Specialist?

One can say shortly that it is a magician of everything: the person who takes care of the company's personnel policy, develops and implements a motivational system, fights bravely with the Social Security Institution and other organizations without public benefit, embraces all HR and payroll matters and helps organize training and employee courses . Obviously, the scope of duties is much longer and strictly dependent on the size of the company - the larger the company, the more developed HR department functions in its structures. The worst situation is HR of small businesses, which usually decide to employ only one person to manage the human resources of the organization. Well, nobody said that life is easy and simple, right?

We will now take advantage of the recruitment portals and check what the Polish employers require from the candidates for this position. The most frequently repeated duties include:

  • independent recruitment projects,
  • settlement of working time and preparation of payrolls,
  • contact with institutions that impede business activity (Social Security Office, Tax Office, etc.),
  • ongoing HR support and consulting for managers and employees,
  • ensuring proper functioning of personnel management processes,
  • issuing relevant employee certificates,
  • checking the validity of medical examinations,
  • preparation of daily reports.

The HR Specialist is often referred to as: Personnel Specialist, recruiter, HR and Payroll Specialist, HR Specialist, HR Manager, etc.

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Do you still want to become a human resources specialist? That's great, let's start with the basics, or profile of education. The vast majority of employers emphasize in their recruitment advertisements that they are interested in candidates who have graduated from sociology, human resources management or psychology. These majors allow to gain both relevant knowledge and specific practical skills, which many specialists then improve and develop on post-graduate courses.

In addition, HR specialists are also required to perfectly organize working hours, develop social skills, knowledge of social security and labour law regulations, and finally loyalty to the employer. Well, it may sound enigmatic, but you cannot be surprised, because HR people have access to strategic information, the disclosure of which could have many negative consequences for the company.

Where does an HR Specialist work?

Everywhere, really everywhere! We will meet specialists in HRM, i.e. human resources management, in almost every contemporary company, regardless of industry or sector of economy: in banks, advertising agencies, in the police, manufacturing companies, etc. As a small addition, we can only add that in 99% of cases the workplace is a desk - sometimes even by the window :-)

How much does an HR Specialist earn?
A creative HR specialist can earn a lot, but we do not talk about criminal activities here, so let's move to the earnings of statistical John Smith, who can count on a salary in the range of 2,500 - 5,500 zlotys per month. Specialists with many years of experience in corporations may, however, count on much higher salaries, which often exceed PLN 10,000 per month.