Account manager (in Poland, also known as "customer caretaker") is a man from the first line of the company front who exposes one's life and health every day in the name of higher goals and the common .The ideal Account Manager is a combination of a professional soldier, psychotherapist, wizard Gandalf and Puss from ''Shrek''. If your nerves are more durable than Polish roads and you are not afraid of challenges, then you can easily read further ...

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You are brave, you have to admit it! Well, since you've decided to read further, we will satisfy your hunger for knowledge and reveal some of the secrets of this undoubtedly interesting profession. Let's start from the beginning, that is, the path of education.

To start with, it would be nice to deal with a secondary school-leaving exam, which in recent years is not as simple as many people think. Managed to? Well, great, you can start looking for the right course. Personally, I recommend psychology or another field of humanities or social profile - it will allow you to acquire specific skills, without which you simply could not manage at work. While studying, however, it is worth looking for some work and getting the first professional skills, after all experience is very important in the modern labour market.

What will you do at work?

  • building and developing positive relationships with clients,
  • planning and coordination of all work related to the project,
  • constant development of the company's scope of activity,
  • many other things.

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It all depends on the business branch in which you can find a job. The worst fate is encountered by Account Managers who are employed in advertising and interactive agencies. Everyday struggle with clients and their strange ideas is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more troublesome may be colleagues from work - graphic designers and copywriters who have to follow the instructions of the clients that you give them. The Devil's Advocate seems to fit pretty well here, right?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is definitely recommended, but if you are employed in a corporation, it may not be enough - you will have to master at least the basic corpoment's phrases! A few examples: work on standbay, sit at werk, workink beecup, a door beedge, tap Mr Accept, get an a proof all, set a (sc)hope. You do not understand much of that? This means that before you start working at corpo you will have to catch up quickly! There is a lot of it, so you had better grab the corpom dictionary.

Special attention in the Account Manager's work deserves his company car. The disapproving or envious call it simply a go-cart, a dumper or an accounter (corpoment language again). Absolutely each Account's car is adorned with a company logo - this may resemble some features of a medieval knight, who decorated his horse with his own coat of arms. The car itself is nothing new, here something completely different is important! Many of Account Managers, driving along the native roads, follow the modern principle of YOLO (live only once) and run the red light at the crossroads or overtake moving on the sidewalk (situations observed by the author). When they sit behind the wheel of their company go-cart, they gain +10 to the strength of the body and +20 to happiness. However, the services responsible for road safety do not provide detailed information on incidents with Accounts involved- prudence or laziness?

Despite some inconveniences, the work of the Account Manager is very nice. If you like working with people, then you will enjoy a lot of pleasure in performing your job duties. You will certainly not complain about a low salary ;-)