For several years, the IT industry has been recording a continuous increase in employment, which goes hand in hand with good and constantly growing earnings. That is why more and more young people choose to work in IT companies as the first step in their professional career. Interestingly, they are not only programmers, but also representatives of other professions - graphic designers, traders, and even lawyers. What is equally interesting, to get a good job in IT, you do not have to be able to program (although this skill can certainly be useful). What are the competences worth setting in order to be successful in this industry? Which jobs guarantee an interesting and well-paid job?

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Application Programmer

Let us sturt with a profession that is most associated with the IT industry, and, at the same time, has been present in every rank of the most profitable and most stable sources of earning in Poland. Speaking, certainly, about a programmer. However, not everyone knows that the profession is divided into at least a few specializations - hence it result in the presence of various types of specialists in the sets of popular professions: among others, backend and frontend programmers of web and non-web applications. Such specialists usually work on the code of advanced IT systems (eg ERP systems used in enterprises) and on advanced IT tools (e.g. create graphic, commercial and HR programs).

A good programmer who knows several programming languages and has experience while working on advanced IT systems usually does not earn below 4,000. PLN, and the median in this profession in 2014 was 6.5 thousand gross (data published by Sedlak & Sedlak.) The necessary condition is knowledge of the most important programming languages (usually C #, Java and PHP, but knowledge of other languages such as Python, Objective-C significantly increases employee's attractiveness in the labour market) and basic frameworks (eg Symfony) If you want to work on advanced IT projects for business, we should focus on knowledge of SQL and database management system (PostgreSQL or MySQL are most commonly used).

Web Developer

What does Web Developer do? Also programming, but this time they are not IT systems or software, but websites. However, anyone who thinks writing a website is a simple task would be mistaken. Today, the professional side of the developed company combines many different elements that must be closely linked, which often includes not only page code, content and graphics, but also integration with social media, databases and even online applications.

Therefore, a good Web Developer should know not only HTML and basic content management systems (CMS – e.g. the most popular WordPress and Joomla! Systems), but also other programming languages (mainly C # and PHP) and basics of working on SQL databases. It must also show good taste and advanced graphic skills. The median earnings were 4,200 zlotys last year, but a good Web Developer can earn up to even 6,000.

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A specialist in integrating databases is one of the best-paid specialists in the entire IT industry. No wonder - his work is very responsible and requires great knowledge. The database architect designs and then creates databases based on a rule on SQL systems, thus enabling data exchange between different systems (eg commercial, production, human resources). Database architects also work, among others with expanding or integrating various ERP systems (i.e. systems that oversee and regulate the operation of an enterprise or a large company) in a comprehensive way.

The median of earnings in the IT architecture departments last year was over 9,000 PLN gross, and experts dealing with the migration of data between ERP systems (this is the case, for example, when merging two large companies into one entity) are recognized as the best-paid specialists in the entire industry and often earn over 12,000 zlotys a month. It is necessary to know different programming languages and frameworks, database systems, as well as fluent command of English, because the work usually takes place in international corporations.

Project Manager

IT is not only programmers and database architects. It is also a whole staff of people combining "hard" skills (such as knowledge of programming languages and frameworks) with "soft" (i.e., coaching skills, the ability to translate a specialist language into the language used by IT clients, as well as readiness to manage work team). That's why in IT there is also a job for, among others, lawyers, traders, employees of support departments, HR specialists and managers.

Among them, the project manager, whose task is to supervise the work of various departments and coordinate it, has a special place. To do it right, you must not only know the problems related to the design and programming of IT systems, but you also have to be able to adapt the systems created in this way to market requirements and customer expectations. Therefore, the IT project manager must be able to combine "soft" and "hard" competences and translate specialist terminology into the client's language (and vice versa). Therefore, it is one of the best-paid professions - the median is 10,000 gross PLN.

Sales Specialist

A trader in an IT company usually earns quite a money, often better than in many other industries. How is this possible? It's simple - advanced ERP systems for large and medium-sized companies are usually very expensive, their prices start from tens of thousands of zlotys. No wonder that bonuses on sales can be high, and the median in the sales department in the IT sector is over PLN 8,000.

In order to find a good place in the sales department in an IT company, you need to be able to do the same thing as a project manager - to operate both specialist technical terminology and the language of benefits that best reach the customer. You also have to be in constant readiness for business trips (they are frequent) and participate in business meetings. Particularly desirable are the highly-trained "soft" competences - patience, understanding for the client's needs, perseverance and the ability to combine the expectations of the business client with the capabilities of the team of programmers.

SAP Consultant

Finally, a handful of information about one of the best professions in the world, i.e. a SAP consultant. It is a programmer dealing with the implementation of the ERP system, migrating data from various sources to this system, developing its individual modules, as well as making corrections in the databases of the implemented system. Why is the SAP consultant so highly valued? Because it is the most well-known ERP system in the world, operating mainly in large and very large companies. That is why the salaries of a good SAP consultant usually range from PLN 500 per working day and up, and the median earnings amounted to PLN 9,000 last year.

Careers in the IT industry are stable employment and excellent earnings. No wonder that more and more people are choosing to follow this direction. Do you know that there are more than 50,000 IT professionals missing in the Polish labour market? Find out how to start a career in this industry - watch our interview with Tomasz Jurek (

As you can see, it is worth investing in the development of skills that can be useful in the IT industry. The most cost-effective and highly valued is the mix of various "hard" and "soft" competences, but one should not forget about an expert English. With this combination of acquired skills, you will have a chance of a good job no matter where you are!