We realize that choosing a field of study is not a simple matter, but you know that very well, too- do you? Remember, however, that the choice you may make in a moment will project directly into your professional future. Especially for you, we have prepared the next part of the list of the best and most promising professions.


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However, if you are thinking about working in a laboratory and you want to have a significant impact on the development of many branches of modern economy, then you first have to complete specialized studies in the field of biotechnology.The profession of biotechnologist enjoys growing popularity in the US and Western European countries, but in Poland we are just waiting for its dynamic development. Such a situation, however, has a lot of positives for future graduates, because many biotechnology companies will soon move to Poland their centers and research centers, where Polish biotechnologists will find employment.


A doctor will always be ranked high in the sets of future professions. Unemployment among graduates of this field is practically nil and it is difficult to expect any negative changes in this area. However, if you think that the medical profession is only a social prestige and high salary, then we must disappoint you, because it is one of the most responsible professions! Are you ready to take responsibility for human life?

A doctor need to graduate from medical studies as well as complete specialization. Only after passing the specialization exam you will receive the title of a qualified doctor and the right to practice in a specific specialization.


A nutritionist is a specialist with extensive knowledge not only in the field of human nutrition, but also anatomy, biochemistry, medicine and psychology. The main goal of their work is to conduct diet therapy, encourage change in eating habits, propagate knowledge about health prevention and support dietary treatment of many diseases. Nutritionists also deal with the study of food products and the assessment of their quality, health and nutritional values.
How to become a dietician? The answer, despite appearances, is very simple: you have to graduate from the course of dietetics.

Already, nutritionists (also referred to as nutrition specialists) cannot complain about problems with finding an interesting and well-paid job. In the future, however, they will be able to count on even wider employment opportunities due to the growing public interest in the subject of healthy and balanced nutrition.