Employers' preferences in Poland and other European countries are no longer as diametrically different as they were a few years ago. Who, therefore, does not have to worry about their career and is provided with job security for the next dozen or even several dozens of years? We present you the list of 10 most-wanted professions - it will definitely help you define the educational as well as your professional path!

Wanted, full of perspectives and well-paid - that should be the dream job of each of us, is that right? However, it goes without saying that the labor market in the 21st century is subjected to dynamic changes and it is difficult to unambiguously assess whether the occupation of X is prospective and will remain so. Who, then, will not have problems with their work over the next few or even several years? Which specialists will earn the most? Why may a niche and not very popular business branch turn out to be a great plan for the future? We present you a list of the 10 most-wanted (and prospective) professions!
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Project Manager

Project Manager's work is gaining more and more importance for employers from every sector of the economy. However, it is hardly surprising - entrepreneurs want to build their market position on efficiency and effectiveness. On the other hand, there is one thing: a multitude of elements that that should be combined in order to achieve success. It is just Project Manager's task to "gatherall pieces of the puzzle into one whole". Details can be found here: www.studia.net/zawody/7580-zawod-project-manager


Are foreign languages your passion? Getting to know professional terminology is a pleasure and an interesting challenge for you? Spending a dozen or even several dozen hours on translating documents is a nice time? In that case, an interpreter's career will be a great decision! Details can be found here: Profession - Interpreter. A little piece of advice for you at the end: the more exotic foreign language is the better :)

Network administrator

A network administrator, commonly referred to as Dear Admin, is a person whose job is to ensure the smooth and trouble-free operation of information systems in the enterprise / organization / institution / etc. Therefore, the administrator's post can be classified as one of both prestigious and extremely responsible professions. Do you think you're good enough? Then click here: www.studia.net/zawody/7512-administrator-sieci

Logistics specialist

Logistics specialists deal with warehouse management, supply management, production planning, distribution of goods and services as well as transport and communication. The full scope of duties is certainly closely dependent on the business the enterprise operates. Why specialists in this field can not complain about the lack of job offers? How much do they earn? Let's have a closer look at the daily work of logistics specialists: www.studia.net/zawody/7495-logistyk

Social Media Specialist

When you tell your friends that you spend all day on Facebook or Instagram while earning money, that means you're a Social Media Specialist. Do not think, however, that professional duties will be limited only to posting "fives, kitties and other thingies" - this is not enough! A gallon of knowledge in marketing, about a dozen drops of social psychology and a handful of creativity and analytical sense is the absolute basis to make the first steps in this area:

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"I am a programmer!" - doesn't it sound proudly? However, prestige is not everything, because earnings in IT are among the highest on the market - the best can count on a wage of even a dozen thousand zlotys net! It is, therefore, hardly surprising that more and more young people associate their future with IT. But how to become a programmer and gain a thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to the creation and development of software? All you need to do is read this article: http://www.studia.net/zawody/7433-programista


The webmaster is often referred to as the "web designer". This is, obviously, the correct definition, but it does not fully reflect the scope of duties that are imposed on people of this profession - everything depends on the specific specialization, business branch and size of the company. In small businesses, the webmaster is a "human orchestra", that is, he or she independently performs all tasks related to the design, implementation and subsequent service of the website. Details here: www.studia.net/zawody/7441-webmaster

Graphic designer

"How much will the design of this website cost? 500 PLN? Why so much? My sister studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and did stranger things for free." If you want to become a computer graphic designer, then apart from solid technical knowledge and infinite loads of creativity, you should still show the patience of a saint and self-control. Why? Here you will learn absolutely everything: www.studia.net/zawody/7515-grafik-komputerowy

Guidance counselor

Guidance counselor performs tasks in the field of vocational guidance and professional information. The person's tasks include providing assistance to young people and adults in the choice of profession, education (the selection of studies, trainings, postgraduate studies, courses, etc.), as well as changing jobs, choosing the second field of study, self-employment, etc. Heavy times, people undecided, there will be definitely a lot to do. Details can be found here: www.studia.net/zawody/7501-doradca-zawodowy


Do you dream of researching the world around you and trying to improve it? Do you want to avoid limiting yourself to one narrow path of specialization? In that case, a career in biotechnology is waiting for you - before you graduate from the second degree course, there might be some work for you even in Poland :) Do you want to know the details? Here you are:

Finally, a little piece of advice: choose wisely, whih means according to your interests and passions.