Polish and foreign universities are systematically expanding their educational offer. The number of new majors and specialties can often make you giddy - especially when you do not even have a clue what exactly does it involve to study a certain major, the grateful and somewhat mysterious name of which has just stuck in your memory. The eternal question is, therefore, what should be taken into consideration in the difficult matter of choosing the major?

Once upon a time, higher education was synonymous with social prestige. Times, however, have changed and today's higher education become a natural course of things for the broad mass of secondary school graduates. From everywhere they collect convincing voices that without a university diploma they are deprived of any chance on the labour market. A young student hearing this type of slogan over and over again feels pressure to go to college. It does not matter if it suits their predispositions, interests and possibilities of adjusting to the labour market. How not to get lost and choose the major wisely?

Abroad is attracting more and more - tourists, employees, but also students. Over 30,000 of them are currently studying abroad. Poles, ontrary to popular opinion, do not have to meet exceptional conditions to be able to go away to study, even to prestigious universities. There are numerous myths concerning studying abroad and it is the highest time to debunk them.