Universities systematically expand their educational offer. The number of new specialties can often make you dizzy - especially when you don’t even have a clue what a particular major means, but its grateful and somewhat mysterious name has just stuck in your memory. The eternal question is: what should be followed in a difficult art of choosing a field of study?

What to look for when choosing a field of study?

The most important rule is: do not be suggestive of current fashion! The most important is what we really think and what we feel we are the best in. That is why it is worth asking yourself a few questions like: What is my hobby? What do I like to do? What am I good at? What are my favorite subjects at school? What don’t I like? What would I like to do in the future? Do I prefer to work with computers or people? It must be remembered that the choice of the simplest road is not always the best. If something does not come as easily as we would like it, it does not mean at once that we are not good for it. Remember that hard work always pays off eventually.

You could also use the help of people who have already decided on their studies. Their advice may be very valuable to you and will allow you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Our interests and preferences are crucial when choosing a major. However, it is important that we have objective knowledge about the major and future profession that we want to decide on. We must know what is hidden under the catchy and fashionable names of the majors offered by the universities. We need to know what a cognitive science is, etc. An in-depth study of the subject before choosing a major will allow us to avoid big disappointments later on.

Studies and the labor market

It is also worth getting acquainted with the current situation on the labor market. It should be checked, on which specialists there is the greatest demand, and what kind of market is already oversaturated. The dynamism of the changes taking place on labor market makes it very difficult to choose the right field of study.

How to choose a university?

Choosing a major is not all, you still have to select the university. When choosing a university, check the rankings, look for information on the internet, find out what the university offers in addition to the minimum curriculum. One should also pay attention to the university profile, whether it is a technical, economic, humanistic or artistic. The same majors are offered at various universities, for example, architecture and graphics can be studied at a university of engineering and art. Foreign trade at an economic or humanities university. The profile of the university affects the program of studies, so it is worth getting acquainted with it and making the choice of the university so that it can meet your expectations.