Would you like to own an English language certificate, but you have no idea which exam you ought to take? IELTS (International Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or Cambridge English (including FCE, CAE, CPE)? What distinguish one from another and how much do they cost?

After dozens of sleepless nights, hair falling out due to the stress and a million questions to annoyed friends, have you finally decided to study two majors at the same time? The most important step is already behind you, but now get yourself prepared for a long run with obstacles that awaits you.

For most of us, the exam is a stressful event. It is not without significance what you wear that day. Good looks are an important element of our image. The outfit can have a positive effect on our self-presentation (especially in the oral exam) or cause that we lose in the eyes of our examiner. How to choose the right piece of clothing to make a good impression? Check it out necessarily, because the exam session is very soon ...

What kind of behaviour must we absolutely beware of during abroad holidays to avoid legal problems? What should one pay close attention to in decent moral matters? We have prepared a short list for you that will help to avoid many unpleasant situations during the upcoming holidays.

Students very often make mistakes that only seem to be trivial or insignificant. However, they can lead to an immediate end to their academic adventure, loss of money and many other situations that everyone would prefer to avoid in their lives. We present you "10 biggest student's mistakes" - read very carefully!