Sweden is quite eager to welcome migrants - meaning that the requirements for obtaining citizenship are not hard to meet, also the attitude of Swedes towards migrants is friendly. Here you can live without knowing the official language since Swedes operate English skillfully.


8-15 thousand kr

Finding a place to live in Stockholm is very problematic, because the capital can not accommodate everyone who wants to stay there. As a result, it turns out that it's easier to buy an apartment than to rent. Local residents are registered in such queues from the age of 18. The average cost of renting a 1-room apartment is about 7.7 thousand krona per month, 2-room apartment - 12.6 thousand krona.


550 kr per month

A one-time ticket for Stockholm public transport operates 75 minutes with unlimited transfers and costs 30-60 krona. A day ticket costs 80 krona, for a week - 210 krona, for a month - 550 krona, for a year - 5,840 krona.

Prices for paid parking can reach 70 krona per hour


3-4.5 thousand kr

The most common stores are: Hemköp, ICA, Coop and Lidl.

A liter of milk costs about 17 krona, and oatmeal costs 18 krona. The cost of white bread is 22 krona. It is interesting that, as a rule, bread is sold sliced. Alcohol and cigarettes in Stockholm are expensive. A pack of cigarettes will cost 53 krona, and alcoholic beverages can be bought only in a special network of stores Systembolaget. In other shops, alcohol is not sold.