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Are you thinking about studying abroad? You can study in a foreign country as an exchange program student (e.g. Erasmus+) or as a regular student. We give you some reasons to choose this way of university-level education. Please consider these suggestions.

Millions students are enrolled in university-level education outside their home country. You should know there are both a large challenge and a wonderful opportunity for You. We have collected some huge benefits of studying abroad, and answers the question âwhy You should study in the other countryâ. We hope You find this guide interesting!
1. The diversification of study paths benefit.
2. The personal development benefit.
3. The real world benefit.
4. The career benefit.
5. The second language benefit.
6. The new culture benefit.
7. The socialization benefit.
8. The financial benefit.
9. The adventure benefit.
10. The huge change benefit.
Teaser Paragraph:

The diversification of study paths benefit. You can expand your academic horizons.

Each country has its own higher education system. There are many types of university-level institutions: universities, polytechnics and institutes of technology, specialized universities (e.g. medical universities, universities of natural science), university colleges, institutes of the Arts and many others. Some of them may not be common institutions in your country.
There are also different types of academic certificates, diplomas or degrees available to obtain.
Last but not least, you can find unique subjects, programmes or courses to study, not available at universities in your home country. You should explore which of these different paths of university-level education are available in your own situation.
Please compare the advantages and the disadvantages of choosing different opportunities of studying in a foreign country. Choose the study abroad option that matches bets your personality, financial possibilities, personal strengths, your idea of life and the best for your future.
Teaser Paragraph:

The personal development benefit. You can improve Your personality.

All changes lead us to improvement. Surely studying will change your life and habits. Studying far away from home makes major life changes.
If you study abroad you will make the biggest change of all you know. It will be a stronger and more effective source to develop your mind and your will. You will become an integral part of another lifestyle and a member of completely different society.
After throwing yourself into a completely new environment you will see and experience what youâre good at, as well as what youâre not so good at. Living abroad far away from family and friends will teach you how to grow up very fast.
Studying abroad is the natural process by which behavior modifies to adapt to changing circumstances. Every day you will need to make many both easy and difficult decisions.
You will learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. This life-changing experience will speed up the transition from a teenager to an adult, an independent, open minded and flexible person.
Teaser Paragraph:

The real world benefit. You can gain life experience.

In fact university students living at family home are not living in the real world. Studying abroad can teach you how to organize your life and how to handle everyday life situations or unforeseen situations with confidence.
Living abroad at the student flat, at the apartment, at the house or at the dormitory, you will carry out common household duties: shopping, cooking, cleaning. You will decide for yourself how to find enough time to do everything you need â university student duties, domestic chores, socializing, relax and touristic activities.
It will be a very good opportunity to develop effective strategies for managing your time. Also you will learn how to manage your money wisely, how calculate the costs of student life and gain the skill of balancing income and expenses.
Teaser Paragraph:

The career benefit. You can enhance your employability.

Studying abroad allows to acquire skill sets that will influence your career path. Always the international experience is the candidate's strong point for a potential employer during the recruitment process.
You will stand out from many other job candidates without such exceptional worldliness. This point of your CV should be a fully convincing proof for every recruiter or hire manager that you are a smart, self-reliant, teachable, potential employee.
If you are considering your future career in international business activities, it might be essential to your future success. By studying abroad you will collaborate with foreign colleagues and develop your potential networking contact sphere. Also understanding foreign customs and traditions will be helpful for your future international business connections.
Teaser Paragraph:

The second language benefit. You can improve your language skills.

Anyone who wants to study abroad needs the adequate knowledge of language used in teaching in your preferred course of study. First of all, you should overcome your language barrier because international applicants must complete a language test before enrolling.
Most courses and study programmes for international students are offered in the most common languages: English, German, French, Spanish.
You can find international study possibilities even for students who have only a basic command of a foreign language. In this way you can improve your second language skills and, additionally, learn a new language. You will be completely immersed in a community that speaks the language you are learning.
Surely there is no more optimal and effective way to learn than to dive right in. You will get language practice taking lectures, seminars and tutorials, preparing for classes, sitting exams.
On the other hand, you will brush up your language skills in the real life situations and by spending time with friends. You will discover many secrets of the other language, dialect, gestures, accent, culture and traditions that will be based on your first-hand experience.
Teaser Paragraph:

The new culture benefit. You can meet another country first-hand.

Studying in a foreign university is completely different to a holiday in the same country. Moving overseas and spending at least few months abroad in a foreign country surely means that you will be exposed to lifestyles, cultural aspects, and people who you have not been in contact with before.
You can develop a broad understanding of local customs, appearances, personal habits, art, history, politics and culture. You will be fully immersed in a new environment and you should be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle. This can be difficult as well as exciting.
You will taste different foods, discover things that were unknown to you: books, magazines, movies, music and TV , try new activities and sports. You will visit interesting places, not only touristic attractions. You will also gain intangible skills.
You will acquire understanding of new cultures and global issues other than your own, expand world view from a multicultural perspective. The encounter with other cultures will enable you to see your own culture through new eyes.