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Examination dress code​, or what to wear on the exam’s day?

For most of us, the exam is a stressful event. It is not without significance what you wear that day. Good looks are an important element of our image. The outfit can have a positive effect on our self-presentation (especially in the oral exam) or cause that we lose in the eyes of our examiner. How to choose the right piece of clothing to make a good impression? Check it out necessarily, because the exam session is very soon …

Comfortable over all

First and foremost, try to get dressed comfortably. If during the presentation, something hurts you, gets stuck, squeezed, fell, or slipped (e.g. shoulder strap), your thoughts will float away from the right answers. Do everything to eliminate an additional source of stress. Nervousness means less intellectual ability. Remember, any element that will distract you will lower your chance for success on the exam.

Elegance in second place

Secondly, try to dress elegantly. Modest elegance, which does not attract attention, gives you extra points on the exam and will be your strong asset. Many psychological tests show that clothing is one of the most important elements that we take into account when assessing the other person. That’s why you have to reckon with the fact that even the most equitable examination board can take into account your appearance, you cannot be sure that it will not occur. Remember, it is better not to risk with your own outfit and flashy colors. Instead of wasting energy and wondering what the committee thinks about your bright purple shirt, look for other circumstances to express yourself. Although exposing beauty through a temptation skirt and a cut-out neckline might be a way to get a higher grade, it is disadvantaged in most cases. Examiners are usually aware of the purpose of such kind of tricks, and, therefore, instead of giving a high grade they tend to be grilling one for even longer. On the exam, focus on what’s most important, or the answers. A neat and elegant garment will eliminate an additional source of stress.

The old or the new suit?

New clothes specially for the exam? Why not. However, try to check new things in advance. Thanks to this you will check if the clothes are comfortable enough and will also have an opportunity to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. In this way you will save unnecessary nerves before the exam, when it turns out that the chosen outfit is wrong and you do not feel comfortable enough in it.

Check how it fits

Before going to the exam, it’s worth checking if everything fits well on you. It is best to ask parents, siblings, colleagues, for example about whether the collar has not accidentally bent over, or the skirt has not crumpled. Also, remember to clean your shoes. From now on, you will do best when you forget about your appearance and focus on what you know. If you take advantage of these few tips, then probably nothing distract you looking great. The only thing that should be left in your head is a positive attitude to the exam. You can do it!

University is not a usual place

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