Have you just graduated and looking for opportunity to get a nice job? Looking for part-time occupance easy to combine with lectures and classes at the university? It does not matter if you already have some professional experience or if you are just looking for your first job - the key to success is always a well-prepared CV. What mistakes are most often made by students and graduates during the preparation of the curriculum vitae?

Many students decide to combine full-time courses with part-time jobs. This solution may obviously prove to be extremely helpful in your future career, but the willingness to work is unfortunately not enough. It is necessary to know how to prepare for looking for a job, where to look for the best offers and how to stand out among other candidates. How to get to this difficult task?

Employers' preferences in Poland and other European countries are no longer as diametrically different as they were a few years ago. Who, therefore, does not have to worry about their career and is provided with job security for the next dozen or even several dozens of years? We present you the list of 10 most-wanted professions - it will definitely help you define the educational as well as your professional path!

We realize that choosing a field of study is not a simple matter, but you know that very well, too- do you? Remember, however, that the choice you may make in a moment will project directly into your professional future. Especially for you, we have prepared the next part of the list of the best and most promising professions.