"How much will the design of this website cost? 500 PLN? Why so much? My sister studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and did stranger things for free." If you want to become a computer graphic designer, then apart from solid technical knowledge and infinite loads of creativity, you should still show the patience of a saint and self-control.

There are thousands of coaches in Poland, and universities educate successive adepts of the extremely popular profession recently. However, not everyone can become a "personal trainer", but everyone will probably need some of their skills, if not in professional life, then certainly in private life.

Physiotherapist is the third, after doctors and nurses, the most-represented medical profession. At the same time, it is often mentioned among the occupations of the future, due to aging of the European society. A clean calculation should not, however, decide if you will become a physiotherapist. It is a demanding job, which involves vocation, and definitely predispositions and motivation.

High earnings, fascinating and extremely responsible job and the opportunity to find out about the furthest corners of the world - these are only a few advantages of working as a pilot of an airplane. Unfortunately, as a passenger plane pilot, you take responsibility for human life and health - many situations will require from you being cool as ice, resistance to stress and self-control. Are you ready for it? Read on...

Today, the term "IT specialist" is relatively rarely used - it has been replaced with specific specialties that appear in the IT industry, eg programmer, network administrator, webdeveloper, security specialist, etc. Each of them is characterized by a different scope of duties, necessary skills and earnings, but have traditional IT specialists already disappeared from the labour market? Who are they and where are they hiding?