"I'm an art director" - sounds quite proud, right? Friends certainly will envy you so nicely sounding occupation. But what do art directors actually do in their daily work? What are the problems that must be faced and the most important thing: how to become one?

Who is an art director?

Contrary to what is seems like, the artistic director does not have to be employed solely in the artistic and advertising industry. This job functions in many industries, which at first glance have absolutely nothing to do with widely understood art. So what does the artistic director do every day? They are primarily responsible for coordinating activities in the field of advertising and promotion, public relations and marketing, they also participate in the process of organizing events. They are also responsible for the final shape and design of, for example, packaging or materials promoting a new product or service.

The detailed scope of responsibilities of the art director is of course closely dependent on the profile of the company and the industry in which it operates.

How to become an art director?

Unfortunately, taking up work as an art director demands meeting many requirements. The most important of them is, of course, having several years of professional experience - preferably taken out of work at an advertising or marketing agency. Employers also pay close attention to the profile of their higher education - of course, the most valuable are the majors related to marketing, graphics and the arts as well as in the field of Public Relations. Graduates of the university with an artistic profile certainly gain a few extra points in the recruitment process.

We hope that the necessity of running computer and graphics software fluently is quite obvious, isn’t it? It's also worth mentioning soft skills, which are basically necessary for effective performance of duties. Talking about communicativeness, ability to work in a group, effective time management and resistance to stress. The number of duties of an art director can sometimes lead to a headache, so multitasking and responsibility will also be desirable.

How much does an artistic director earn?

An art director's earnings are extremely diverse and largely depend on the industry and the level of professional experience. The average annual earnings in United States stands at $63,500. Although, an art directors with less than 5 years of experience can expect salary of $51,000. In Germany, for example, annual salary starts at €26,600 but the average is €41,700. The entry-level earnings in United Kingdom for art directors is £30,000 although the average stands at £36,000.