Have you just graduated from high school and you’re thinking about your future? Or maybe you are at the stage of choosing the appropriate postgraduate studies? You must know that several factors must be taken into account when making a career decision. The demand for a given profession is certainly at the forefront of this list - in the end, we are already talking about the development of technology and automated tools that will be able to replace employees ... Check our list of 5 professions that will never go out of fashion!

  1. Medical industry - doctor

Qualified medical personnel will always be in high demand. On one hand, technical knowledge and analysis of tests can be automated. On the other hand, there are elements of health care that computers can not replace. These are:

  • patient care (empathic approach);
  • making decisions based on incomplete/unclear data.

Related professions: nurse, psychotherapist, laboratory technician, pharmacist, dietician.

These are professions in which we still lack specialists.

  1. Educational industry - teacher

You must know that the development of technology can change the education system. E-learning and online courses are becoming more and more popular. Computers can teach us mathematics, physics and history. However, there are elements of education that computers are not able to replace. These are:

  • creating content of online courses;
  • subjective communication of knowledge about the world, music, art and literature.

Related professions: teacher in kindergarten, creator of teaching programs, lecturer at the university.

These are professions in which you do not have to limit yourself to one place of work. If you have appropriate competences, you can develop your own brand, including giving private lessons.

  1. Legal industry - lawyer

Even if you are not interested in the justice system, you are certainly aware that computers will never replace the activities of state authorities. That’s what computers will never do:

  • creating a new law;
  • making court decisions.

Related professions: politician, security guard, policeman, fireman

These are jobs that will always be in demand, because the state is unable to function without them.

  1. Sports industry - a professional athlete

People love to play sports and watch good games. Can you imagine a football team consisting of robots? Certainly it could be a kind of curiosity, but after some time we would miss what sport really entails. These are:

  • opportunity to identify with players;
  • observing overcoming weaknesses and crossing borders.

Related professions: e-sportsman

An alternative to the profession of an athlete may be an e-sportsman (a player competing with others in the field of computer games). We will still be able to identify with the players, observe their rivalry, but this time in the virtual world.

  1. IT industry - programmer

Certainly you realize that the programmer is in all sets of "future professions". What is most important is the certainty that there will always be a demand for it. Computers and automation are subject to more and more areas of life, but machines can not replace such elements as:

  • programming machines / applications;
  • contact with clients (requirements analysis).