After final exams, high school graduates face a huge number of higher education institutions. Regardless of whether you decided on staying in your country or traveling to a different continent, a sudden thought knocks on your mind… what about gap year?

But let's start from the beginning. Gap year, once a mysterious term that every second mother was afraid of, today is on every young, tired of learning person’s mind. The name "gap year", as you can easily guess, is just the time off that students take before going to the university or during their studies.

However, even though gap year is often helpful in a case in which you do not know what you’d like to do in the future, there are usually many ideas for spending it.

Trips are the most popular. "After graduating from high school I’m leaving and doing a Euro-trip" - I don’t know about you, but I heard this from many people from my high school class. And yes, after a month, photos from Estonia, Greece and Finland appeared on my Facebook and Instagram feed. However, the idea of ​​traveling, especially so far away, is not only time-consuming, but also requires a substantial amount of money.. To save some, mainly on accommodation and food, it is worth looking for hosts on the Internet who offer a bed and a toast with eggs every morning in the exchange for a few hours of light work.

If such a nomadic lifestyle does not suit you, but you still imagine that you’ll spend this year outside your country, many agencies (eg Au Pair) offer such trip. The most popular destination when choosing this option is Great Britain and the United States. During the stay, help in performing simple housework is expected, but the main task of "an aupairer" is to look after the child (or children) of the host family. Every week you get pocket money and quite a lot of free time to explore the area. Some families organise even further trips to embellish the life of the "nanny". ;-)

With the help of such agency, the costs are reduced to a minimum and everything is provided.

But not for everyone trips are a priority during this break. Some stay in their cities and just go to work. In this case, getting a job is an opportunity for them to earn for a living or a tuition.

You can also combine labour migration with traveling. Once again, various agencies come to help. People who want to focus heavily on making money, are often sought for traveling and working. In case of such an option, it is usually a physical work - in warehouses, factories or in the field. However, if money is your priority, it is worth to consider a solution like that. Although it is a typical trip to work, people met and experiences gathered will certainly reward all the trouble.

But not everyone wants to leave or work, or leave and work. After all, gap year is a break and let's focus on this word in this group of people. They are tired of high school or their major, they cannot stand the vision that for another year they must be bothered in this concrete building, with people they probably will not like or already dislike, looking at the faces of their equally tired lecturers. In this case, resting should be a priority. Lying belly up, watching videos on YouTube, TV series on Netflix and going out with friends for weekly events. Sure, this solution is also not the cheapest, but here you can always count on the help of the parents. It should be properly explained, why you decided on the gap year and how beneficial for your psyche this step is.

The gap year can be used as a time to develop yourself and your interests. You have always wanted to read this book, but school duties consistently hampered it? Here you are. You wanted to go through this game from the day it was released, but you need over a hundred hours to discover all the eastern eggs? Feel free to do so. You always dreamed of learning a Swedish language, but unfortunately, in the core curriculum, the space was enough only for German and French?  Welcome to curses.

There are many possibilities and there is a right one for everyone.

What about the drawbacks?

Behind us, there are about 650 words of appreciation for taking a break from studying. Here are a few less about why the devil is not as cool as I painted him.

Gap year is an investment. The idea for what studies would be the best, will not come just like that. This break is supposed to be a time of reflection, observation and thinking, what is important, where we see each other in the future and what we are good at. And it is not said that even for the most self-aware, youthful philosopher, the lamp above their head will just light up. Many parents think that their child is just wasting their time on a gap year. And you know, in the end, they're often right.

Think for yourself if this solution is for you. Or maybe you have already decided on taking a gap year and have a specific plan on how you want to spend it? Regardless of the answer, I keep my fingers crossed so that this time will be fruitful for you and that you will never regret it!