Bill Gates gives high school graduates a piece of advise: what to study to achieve success? If you haven't seen it yet, let us remind you that a year ago, through Twitter, Bill Gates gave some valuable advice to all those who would like to follow his achievements in the future. So according to Microsoft's co-founder, what is worth studying to succeed and at the same time contribute to making the world a better place?

Bill Gates is convinced that people who listen to his advice will achieve both professional success and will be able to actually change the world. He admits that he wished he had had the awareness which young people have now and what course he would have chosen based on his current believes. He devoted the majority of his multimillion-dollar estate to charity and, among others,  to the development of technologies that give access to clean water that protects against diseases. Microsoft's co-founder is also known for investing in ecological energy sources.

But according to Bill Gates, what are the majors that will let you achieve success?  

  • Power Engineering

In the perspective of domestic conditions, it is worth noting that it is no longer possible to postpone huge changes in the energy field, which is why this direction seems to be a reasonable investment for the future. Graduating from the university is associated with a thesis defend. It is a very underestimated element of the studying process. It’s worth choosing the topic that will turn out to be a good introduction to the labor market. Graduates who have done their internships in valued companies and are ready to take on new challenges may be calm about their professional opportunities.

  • Biosciences

Biotechnology is in the field of science and technology. The basis of the biotechnology's work is knowledge of technological processes used in this industry. Knowledge of biology is necessary to design solutions in which the use of living organisms or parts thereof leads to the creation or modification of products with a strictly defined application. It is easy to see that biotechnology is knowledge that has a rich future ahead.

Both biotechnology and power engineering are issues that already have a great impact on the direction in which life on Earth develops. In the perspective of a dozen or even a few years the role of these scientific disciplines will increase even more, so it is hardly surprising that these are the majors that Bill Gates considers to be future-oriented.