Abroad is attracting more and more - tourists, employees, but also students. Over 30,000 of them are currently studying abroad. Poles, ontrary to popular opinion, do not have to meet exceptional conditions to be able to go away to study, even to prestigious universities. There are numerous myths concerning studying abroad and it is the highest time to debunk them. 

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First of all, international baccalaureate is not necessary - to apply for a foreign university taking regular secondary school-leaving exam is enough. Obviously, the results of the exam must be high enough. To compete for a place at a university in the UK, you need a result 70-75% of all subjects - this applies to middle-level universities. For the best you have to try harder: to get to Oxford or Cambridge you need a result 90% on the secondary school-leaving exam. The marks on individual subjects as well as the amount of classes on certain subjects are more important in Denmark - explains Aleksandra Kozera from Elab Education Laboratory - an institution that helps Polish students apply for foreign courses around the world.

Why do Polish students choose to study abroad and then plan to return to Poland? What development perspectives could you expect in the country? We talk about it with Karol Yeaewood, student at the University of Glasgow, the winner of the Go4Poland program.

High Costs of Studying

The second myth are high costs. They do not necesserily have to be exorbitant. It is a fact that studying in Great Britain, what most Poles deciding to educate themselves abroad currently do, in contrast to studying in Poland, is paid. However, there are many organizations that help financially cover learning abroad by providing loans or scholarships. - A very convenient loan is a government loan for citizens of the European Union, which has to be paid off only after earning a certain level of income. Therefore, you do not have to worry about how to pay it off while studying. There are also possibilities to obtain funding for studying through increasingly popular crowdfunding - explains Aleksandra Kozera. - There are also scholarships available for Poles studying abroad, but you have to apply for them. It is a process that requires time and work, nevertheless it even provides full coverage of the studying costs, often at prestigious colleges. We have helped one student of that kind of university to earn a scholarship of 50,000 PLN annually - the representative of Elab Education Laboratory adds.

Lisa Koeckritz, a student adviser from MASTER and MORE, briefly outlines the best options for acquiring funds for studying abroad.

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Obligatory knowledge of the mother tongue of the country where you want to study turns out to be another myth. There are countries in the European Union where courses are in English. In addition, they are completely free and you can apply for a scholarship of up to 3 thousand PLN monthly to cover the cost of living. This sort of system works in Denmark. It is definitely a hit of foreign education: free studying with a scholarship, food prices comparable to Polish, relatively short distance from Polish borders, modern universities and interesting courses full of students from different countries. You can fly cheap flights to Copenhagen just for 80 zlotys.

However, this year's secondary school graduates have to hurry with the decision - Danish universities accept applications submitted from February 2nd to March 15th. UK universities have officially closed the application process, but you can still apply through their partner institutions.

Polish high sForeign Language Knowledgechool graduates usually choose to study in Western Europe and the United States. If you also think about it, give it a try! But first, select the goal carefully and find out as much as possible.

Elab Education Laboratory is the first point of contact for all people interested in learning abroad. The team specializing in strategic educational consulting effectively helps in applying to foreign universities, including Oxford, Cambidge and Harvard. Elab consultants advise on the choice of the major, mediate in obtaining financial help and support students in all practical aspects of living abroad after getting to the university. Elab also organizes foreign language courses, internships and volunteering. Moreover, it enables younger students studying at foreign secondary schools.