Norway, with its famous social system and picturesque lakes, reflects the ideas of Scandinavian design. It also looks modern and cozy, at the same time.

How much money do you need to have a comfortable life in Norway? Two people will need about 17,800 NOK monthly.


4000-10000 krone per room

Apartments are often found on sites such as or An apartment with two bedrooms in a good area will cost an average of 12-16 thousand Norwegian krone. A room in an apartment for several students will cost 4-8 thousand krone.

For communal services it is necessary to pay 200-1700 krone per month.


2500-3500 krone per month

Approximate prices:

Marinated meat for shish kebab for 1 kg. - 200 kr

Cutlets semi-finished products - 122-125 kr

Sliced ​​sausage - 50 kr per 150 gr.

Salami - 350 kr

Shrimp - 80 kr

Fish (halibut) -  149 kr

Pineapple - 19.50 kr

Oranges - 19.90 kr

Cucumbers - 17.90 kr

Cabbage - 19.80 kr

Potatoes - 38.90 kr for 2.5 kg.

Tomatoes - 52 kr

Milk - 12.00 kr per liter

Yogurt - 76 kr per kg.

Bread - 20 - 35 kr for 500-750 gr.


A favourite form of transportation of Norwegians are city bikes. If it’s not your cup of tea, you will have to pay about 736 kr for a monthly pass. One way ticket costs 35 kr.